KUXAN SUUM - The New Studio Album released now!
KUXAN SUUM is marked by all the features that have always characterised this amazing band, and so much more. Such as solid guitar riffs, Peter Panka’s Jane celebrating that driving power rock that has always been an integral part of their overall sound. Corvin Bahn had a blast with his Hammond organ and demonstrates the advantages of the legendary Moog synthesiser. The eleven tracks are connected by a range of short instrumental passages which make the album an atmospherically dense work of art. You could say: Jane goes magic again!

CAE 006


16.03.12 Twist - Heimathaus
17.03.12 Twistringen - Alte Ziegelei
23.03.12 Haltern - Trigon
24.03.12 Geseke - Schulzentrum Mitte
15.04.12 Bruchsal - Rockfabrik
21.04.12 Siegburg - Kubana
27.04.12 Helsinki - Nosturi
28.04.12 Stockholm - tba
29.04.12 Kopenhagen - tba
30.04.12 Hamburg - tba

17.08.12 Finkenbach - Open Air
01.09.12 Balve - Balver Höhle

Further concerts to be announced shortly.

Cool & Easy Records is the independent record label of the legendary
German rock band Jane. Our aim is to release our productions
worldwide, including such recording where the members are

We have direct access to a large amount of unreleased material of
the band and their related artists. The first release is the new
studio album from Peter Panka's JANE: "VOICES"

Release date: May 25th, 2007
Distribution via SOULFOOD, Hamburg, Germany
Catalogue No.: CAE 001

In August we will release:

Live At Meta's
Live recording from the successful tour in 2006, recorded in the
legendary "Meta's Musikschuppen", located directly at the beach
of the North Sea in a city called Norddeich.

In August 2007 the Schloss Museum of the city Jever will do an
exhibition of the cultural movement, to commemorate in particular
the time of the "Krautrock" in the region "Ostfriesland". This new
live album will be released simultaneously. TV- and radio will
report about this event.

Release date: October 10th, 2007
Distribution via SOULFOOD, Hamburg, Germany
Catalogue No. CAE 002

To support the upcoming extended Jane tour in autumn this year, we
will release a DVD, featuring previously unreleased excerpts from
the following shows:

DVD "Phoenix":

1988 Hamburg - Große Freiheit
2005 Osnabrück - Lagerhalle
2005 Burg Herzberg - Open Air
2005 Fulda - Alte Piesel
2006 Dortmund - Musiktheater Piano
2006 Norddeich - Meta's Musikschuppen
2006 Pratteln (near Basel, Switzerland) - Z7

Much more material is existing from earlier "activities" but
we need to review this first. We'll inform you accordingly
whether or not that stuff can / will be released.

Release date: October 31st, 2007
Catalogue No. CAE DVD 003

We also plan a series called "The Lost Tapes". Our aim is to
release lost recordings of Jane, including recordings of their
musicians solo projects or bands in which Jane musicians have
been involved in. We know of the existence of several works
which either record companies turned down (for what reason
ever), or which simply haven't had the chance to be released
on a regular album.

Album "Together"
We have been offered quite a few takes for the Jane recording
in 1971. These takes were actually the first demo recordings
for the LP release "Together".
A definite release date to follow.